about the blog

Writers fill up page after page after page of poems, prose, & punctuation - trashing more than they'd like to admit.

All pages aside, writers have their own lives to live while trying to follow their passion for writing.

"all pages aside" is a blog in which I want to compile helpful hints, tips, and resources for myself & for other writers. It should be a resource I wish I would have had when I first started on this journey.

It is a place for writers to share their ups & downs with this craft - hopefully in the end, we all take away something valuable.

The internet is filled with 1,000s upon 1,000s of valuable resources, yet they are scattered all over. I know some, you know some, and maybe someone stumbles onto this blog that knows of more...

If writing is in a circle, what is just outside of it?

When it is time to take a break - put the pages of your writing aside, come to this blog...

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~ Chad J. Bring
Aspiring author
Self-published author (LeftStanding.net)