Mar 10, 2009

Why I Write

Why do I write? Interesting thought prompter...

I've always had a creative mind. Writing came naturally as a child. I wonder if I was more inspired then and had less focuses, but now inspiration doesn't come as natural as it used to.

I like to paint a picture with words. I like to hear people compliment my writing.

I like having written, but the process itself is never-ending. I'm never 100% happy with my writing, so I could edit & rewrite forever.

Having written exactly what I wanted (before giving it too much additional thought), then re-reading it gives me joy.

While writing, having ideas flow faster than I can type is extremely exciting.

Writing, "The End" is indescribable.

Holding a copy of my first book is surreal. So was signing my first copy.

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Why do you write?


Anonymous said...

There is no better feeling than hearing people talk about something you wrote or hearing that readers are engaging in conversations with others based on your material. I write to inspire, induce thought, and entertain!

Theresa Cyr said...

I love to share ideas, thoughts, and experiences. Writing helps me make sense of life at times. I, too, enjoy having people tell me how much they've enjoyed reading something that I've written. However, I can't help but feel that writing can be frustrating when I'm stuck, blocked, and can't stay focused. Do you ever feel that way?

Anonymous said...

I too love to hear people say WOW after reading something I have a former newspaper features writer I thought I would have no trouble having my first book published..what an awakening!! It was so easy to write about other people but my first book is about the murder of my brother..I am inspired by your comment on holding your first book in your hand..I want that feeling!!